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We are strengthened and enriched by our partnerships with the community beyond UBC’s walls. In the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, these connections are of tremendous benefit to our students. As an alumnus or community member, there are exciting opportunities for you to contribute to our students’ development as professionals — as well as your own — in the area of land and food systems.

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Ways We Can Help You

As an alumnus, you belong to our community. And we’ve got some great offerings for you, both from UBC as well as from the Land and Food Systems alumni office.

Benefits and services

We’ve gathered up some truly great benefits and services for the people who’ve walked the road with us. That’s you! From insurance to venue bookings to financial services, there are loads of perks to being a UBC alumnus!

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Develop your career

Certainly you can help students as an alum, but did you know that UBC can help you, too? From career development webinars and courses to pro-d and networking events, alumni UBC offers career education for every stop on your professional road.

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How cool is it to see where your fellow classmates took their careers after graduation? Refresh old relationships and carve out new ones by reconnecting with your peers. You never know where a door will pop open.

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Ways We Can Help Each Other

Here at LFS, we’re known for our strong community. And it’s exactly this community-based approach that sets us apart, making our degree programs so unique and relevant to the real world. As an alum, we’re hoping you’ll stay involved and connected, so you can keep leading the way for the next generation of problem-solvers.


Whether they’re on campus or around the community, LFS creates and hosts numerous events throughout the year. Help a little, help a lot or just hang out; whatever way you do it, you’re modelling powerful community-building for our students.

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Hire co-op students

Want motivated, energetic students to help your organization deliver on its mission? Our students have the knowledge and skills to be effective in work experiences, and they’re ready to apply them in the real world. Over 4000 UBC students work co-op jobs each year, offering incredible value on both sides of the equation. Join in!

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Ways You Can Help Us

Our programs are massively enriched by the energy and input of our alumni and community members. Below is just a smattering of how you can make your mark as a supporter of the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. And hey, you know? Thanks.

LFS Mentorship Program

Remember the questions and uncertainties you felt as a student, and the experiences and people that helped shape your career path today? By becoming a mentor, you can support our LFS undergraduate students by sharing your career story.

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Support us

Our programs and facilities are ever-developing, and we’re always looking to add the greatest value for our students — because this value ripples outward to the global community in time. We’re able to do all this good stuff because of your generous donations.

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Get involved

One of the most powerful ways to inspire others to offer their best is to offer yours. Share some time and expertise, and you can bet it’ll get multiplied. Whether you’re giving a presentation or joining an in-class project, there are myriad ways to share your influence and inspiration.

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Make a Personal Difference to Our Community

Your personal presence matters so much in shaping the best programs we can for our students. If you’re looking for ideas of how you can volunteer and keep us growing, we’ve gathered a few for you here.


Recognizing that it’s not always just about the marks, UBC moved to broad-based admissions in 2012, where we consider a student’s personal and academic accomplishments for entrance. We invite our alumni to volunteer as Broad-Based Admissions readers. Learn more here.


Want to get your hands dirty volunteering on the UBC Farm? We thought so. You’ll be helping to teach key concepts to our students while also gifting yourself with some down-to-Earth time.

Let’s Stick Together

…because we’re definitely going places.

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