David Theilmann

David A. Theilmann

Research Scientist and Adjunct Professor, Summerland Research and Development Centre



Summerland Research and Development Centre Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Box 5000, Highway 97 Summerland , BC V0H 1Z0

Summerland Research and Development Centre

Ph. D. Microbiology (Virology), Texas A&M University, USA 1988

M.Sc. Biology/Microbiology, Queen’s University, Canada 1983

B.Sc. Biology, Queen’s University, Canada 1981

The research of my laboratory is focused on insect virology with a primary interest in baculoviruses. Research areas encompass investigations into the molecular basis of baculovirus pathogenesis, host range and virulence. This includes studies on the regulation of baculovirus gene expression and replication through structure-function studies of both viral and insect regulatory genes. There is particular focus on genes involved in transcriptional regulation, ubiquitination and host-receptor interactions. In addition, there is an ongoing program studying baculovirus genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics. These studies have also led to the development of the insect cell protein expression system, “InsectSelect” using baculovirus genes and insect cell culture systems. Additional goals of the research program is the development of insect viruses as sustainable, viable alternatives to the use of chemical insecticides in field and greenhouse environments. The primary viruses under investigation are those that infect Lepidoptera of agricultural economic importance. Registration of baculoviruses as biopesticides has also being undertaken in collaboration with other research groups and industries in Canada.

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  • 2018 AAFC Prize for Outstanding Achievement In Science