DeLisa Lewis

DeLisa Lewis

Lecturer, Applied Biology

MacMillan 233, 2357 Main Mall

University of British Columbia, 2012. PhD, (Integrated Studies in Land andFood Systems)

University of Indiana, 1990. B.A. (Hons. Linguistics)

My research explores ways to re-design farming and food systems in the face of changing human and ecosystem contexts. I approach this work primarily with soil health-centered and farmer-participatory initiatives, and invite research collaborations focusing on: farmer decision-making, agricultural management impacts on soil, water, and landscapes, biodiversity within and adjacent to farms, multifunctional food production systems, and new farmer training.

APBI 265 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems

APBI 361 Key Indicators of Agroecosystem Sustainability

LFS 250 (298) Land, Food, and Community I