Eunice C.Y. Li-Chan

Eunice Li-Chan

Professor Emerita, Food, Nutrition & Health


FNH Building, 2205 East Mall

University of British Columbia, 1981, PhD, Food Science

University of Alberta, 1977, MSc, Biochemistry

University of British Columbia, 1975, BSc (Agr), Food Science

The long-term objective of my research program is to gain a basic understanding of the molecular properties of food components, which will enable a systematic approach to food quality control, process improvement and new product development.

My main research interests are:

  • application of spectroscopic methods to study food systems
  • structure-function characterization of food peptides and proteins with specific bio-activity, health-enhancing or techno-functional properties
Previously taught
  • FNH 200 Exploring our Food
  • FNH 302 Food Analysis
  • FNH 425 Food Science laboratory III
  • FOOD 510 – Advances in Food Science
  • FOOD 500/600 – Food Science graduate seminar
Selected publications from 2010-present

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Canadian Institute of Food Science & Technology, Fellow of the Institute , 2008

American Chemical Society, Agricultural and Food chemistry Division Fellow , 2009

Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology, William J Eva Award , 2010

Killam Teaching Prize , 1998

Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology, Emeritus Award , 2018

Research lab members & their projects (2010-2017):

Papungkorn Sangsawad (visiting PhD student 2016 from Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand; PhD 2017) – ACE inhibitory peptides from Korat chicken

Isabelle Lacroix (PhD 2015) – DPP-IV inhibitors from dairy and other food proteins

Imelda Cheung (research technician) – Functional ingredients from food protein hydrolysates

Guangtao Meng (research associate) – Functional ingredients from food protein hydrolysates; spectroscopic analysis of food protein systems

Anisa Loewen (MSc 2014) – Re-assembled casein micelles as fat-soluble vitamin vehicles for fluid milk fortification

Hao Hu (visiting student, PhD 2014) – Effects of high intensity ultrasound treatment on properties of soy proteins

Lennie Cheung (MSc 2014) – Enzymatic debittering of whey protein hydrolysates with ACE-inhibitory properties

Susan Yang Liu (MSc 2013) – Vitamin D content and stability in fortified fluid milk

Peter Jenkelunas (MSc 2013) – Fish protein hydrolysates as cryoprotective agents for frozen fish mince

Siriporn Siriangkanakun (visiting PhD student 2012) – Properties of a proteinase inhibitor isolated from common carp muscle

Lennie Cheung (summer student 2011) – Antioxidative properties of protein hydrolysates from shrimp byproducts

Kuo-Chiang Hsu (visiting Associate Professor 2010) – DPP-IV inhibitors from fish processing byproducts

Malgorzata Korzeniowska (visiting Dekaban Scholar 2010) – Muscle protein-antioxidative ingredient interactions

Nina Tan (NSERC USRA 2010) – FPH as antioxidative ingredients in fish products

Anusha Samaranayaka (PhD 2010) – Bioactive peptides with antioxidant properties from Pacific hake protein hydrolysates

Reihaneh Noorbakhsh (visiting PhD student 2010) – Spectroscopic analysis of pistachio protein processed for reduced allergenicity