Gerry Kasten

Gerry Kasten

Lecturer, Dietetics

FNH 324, 2205 East Mall


Honours Diploma, Commercial Cooking, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, Foods and Nutrition, University of Alberta

Dietetic Internship (Concentration B), Royal Columbian Hospital

Master of Science in Human Nutrition, University of British Columbia

FNH 340 - Food Theory. This course examines principles of food preparation based on the physical and chemical properties of food. Restricted to 3rd year Dietetics Students.

FNH 341 - Applications of Food Theory. This course teaches the experimental and practical application of scientific principles and theories to problems of food preparation. Restricted to 3rd year Dietetics Students. It is co-instructed with Joel Barohn.

FNH 342 - Critical Perspectives in Consumer Food Practices. This discussion and writing course examines personal, collective, and policy factors affecting food choices, including perceptions of healthy eating, gender, identity, family structures, and economic, sociocultural, and political forces. Students work both individually and in groups.

FNH 440 - Food Service Management. This course reviews management responsibilities in quantity food production with emphasis on menu planning, purchasing and service. Includes planning and equipping food services, using both practical and theoretical stregies. Restricted to 4th year Dietetics students.

Kasten, G. Listen… and Speak: A Discussion of Weight Bias, its Intersections with Homophobia, Racism, and Misogyny, and Their Impacts on Health Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research 2018; Vol. 79, No. 3: page 133. Available at

Kasten, G., et al. Incorporating weight stigma messaging into a physician-targeted webinar presentation on a plate-based healthy eating resource. 4th Annual Weight Stigma Conference. 2016 Vancouver, BC.

Kasten, G., et al. Developing a “Health At Every Size®” collaborative practice support group. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research 2012; Vol. 73, No. 3: page e276.

Kasten, G. Food Choices Amongst Gay Men. M.Sc. Thesis (2009).

Kasten, G. and Morley, N.C. Evaluating an email distribution list as a communication tool amongst dietitians. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research 2006; Vol. 67, No. 3: page 157

  • 2019 Vancouver Coastal Health Lifetime Achievement Award
  • 2018 The Ryley Jeffs Memorial Lecture Award, Dietitians of Canada
  • 2017 Association Catalyst, Member Recognition Award, Dietitians of Canada
  • 2013 Fellow of Dietitians of Canada
  • 2004 Dietitians of Canada Memorial Award Graduate Scholarship
  • 2002 Jackie McConkey-Bridges’ Nutrition Communication Award
  • 2002 Isabel Loucks Foster Public Health Scholarship Bursary
  • 1982 Alberta Prize Award Scholarship
  • 1982 Alberta Hotel Award Scholarship
  • 1982 Travel Alberta Award Scholarship

Gerry Kasten loves food! He was born to a farming family and still helps his brother bring in the harvest each year. He has worked as a Public Health Dietitian in BC for the past thirty years, and has led the boards of directors of both Dietitians of Canada and the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation. Gerry’s chequered past has led him to a critical analysis of the constructions of gender, particularly as they are enacted through food.

He wants to live in a world where people celebrate food, sharing it with those they love, taking its pleasure without restraint because its flavour saturates their most sensuous appetites.