John Frostad

John Frostad

Associate Professor, Food Science
Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering


Chemical & Biological Engineering Building 233, 2360 East Mall

Frostad Research Group

University of California, Santa Barbara, PhD

University of Washington, BS

Interfacial Phenomena, Functional Foods, Emulsions and Foams, Novel Instrumentation, Complex Fluids

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Frostad, J.M., Tammaro, D., Santollani, L., Bochner de Araujo, S., Fuller, G.G. Dynamic fluid-film interferometry as a predictor of bulk foam properties. – Soft Matter 12, 9266-9279 (2016). (Featured on Cover).

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Frostad, J.M., Collins, M.C., Leal, L.G. Direct measurement of the interaction of model food emulsion droplets adhering by arrested coalescence. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 441, 459465 (2014).

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Frostad, J.M., Collins, M.C., Leal, L.G. Cantilevered-capillary force apparatus for measuring multi-phase fluid interactions. Langmuir 29, 47154725 (2013).

Frostad, J.M., Walter, J., Leal, L.G. A scaling relation for the capillary-pressure driven drainage of thin fi lms. Physics of Fluids 25, 052108 (2013).