Oceania Kreutzer

Oceania Kreutzer


Undergraduate Student
Degree Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology
Major Honours Applied Animal Biology
Hometown Chilliwack, BC, Canada

Oceania has aspirations to pursue medicine, while she continues to learn and pursue a career based on an Indigenous connection to native wildlife. Even though she started with UBC online in 2020, Oceania found ways to connect with and access supports and people to help her in her first year. She encourages all students to reach out and make use of the resources available to students, as they may inspire you along the way.

What are three adjectives that describe you?

Amiable, inquisitive and peculiar

Why did you choose to come to UBC?

For most of my life, I have lived in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. When I was in middle school, my Kokum (Grandma) fell ill in Alberta. Together as a family, we decided to move to spend as much time with her before her final days. Living in Alberta did not come easy for me, but it ignited an ardent desire for me to return to the Lower Mainland once I graduated high school. The summer before graduation, I came out to visit my family in Vancouver and spent some time on the UBC campus where I fell in love with it. I was already determined to move back home, and choosing UBC was the last piece of the puzzle to achieve it.

What has been the best part of your University experience so far?

My first year of university was during the pandemic when UBC learning was completely online for most students. Despite this, I built many connections with the various supports that the university provides. My academic advisor being the most notable. Being able to reach out to so many people for help during the year was endearing to me and helped me get to where I am now. I would encourage all students to do the same, never be afraid to reach out. It will make university so much easier.

What do you love most about living and learning on the west coast?

I absolutely love the ocean, hiking and being in nature. I frequent the beaches near campus and explore the Pacific Spirit Regional Park. UBC provides such easy access to a world beyond the city, it really is quite magical. One moment you can be in class, and the next moment you can be walking along the shore of Wreck Beach admiring the beautiful shells.

How would you describe your transition to UBC?

I found my transition into university was smoother than most, especially with the help of my Academic Advisor. If it weren't for him, I most likely would have struggled much more. The staff at UBC are here to help all students get their way through their schooling and are more than just someone to ask what classes to take. I found that building connections with them was one of the best things I have done to do my best during the past year. It also helped that I didn't go into UBC alone, as I have had my partner starting with me. Together, we supported and encouraged each other during the lows and celebrated together during the highs. Creating friendships and bonds like this I believe are beneficial during the transition.

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