Ronaldo Cerri

Ronaldo Cerri

Professor, Animal Reproduction

Director, UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre

Office: 604–822–5056
Cell: 604-345-3776

MacMillan 185, 2357 Main Mall

UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre

University of Florida, 2010, Post-Doc

University of California, Davis, 2008, PhD

University of California, Davis, 2004, MSc

Sao Paulo State University, 2001, DVM

My research aims to discover and develop solutions to fertility issues that affect dairy and beef cattle. Our laboratory has focused on sustainable technologies to improve reproduction efficiency in cattle, such as the use of automated methods for detection of estrus and ovulation. Moreover, we try to better understand the effects of inflammation and health disorders on the cross-communication between the uterus and the embryo. The laboratory actively collaborates with colleagues in Canada and overseas to complement different areas of study and maximize the strengths within each group.

  • APBI 312: Animal Physiology II
  • APBI 410: Applied Animal Health and Physiology