Develop a fuller complement of work skills and give yourself a head start by volunteering in a student leadership position or by working at a part-time job. These experiences will develop your competencies in teamwork, public speaking, professional communications and management — all valuable traits for the real world of work. As an extra bonus? You’ll be having fun while giving back to the UBC community.

Getting to Know UBC and LFS

Starting university can feel like a big change, but UBC has some great programs in place to help you find your way. Connect up with other new students and create a supportive community through any of our orientation and transition programs.

Gain Experience and Make Connections in LFS and at UBC​

At UBC, opportunities abound for you to level up. Get involved with research, take on a leadership position, attend career-related events and amp your career readiness through specialized programs.

Clubs & Organizations

From meditation and social justice to slacklining and data science, UBC offers hundreds of different ways for you to connect with people who share your interests. There’s even a Lego club! Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the clubs and student organizations that are particularly relevant for LFS students and may be of interest to you.

Got Questions?

This is just a small sampling of some of the ways you can get involved at UBC. Every student’s experience and interests are unique, and there’s something out there that’s perfect for you. Meet with our student engagement officer in LFS Student Services to talk more about your interests and goals; we’ll help you take advantage of opportunities that meet your needs!