Azita Madadi-Noei

Azita Madadi-Noei

Lecturer, Food, Nutrition and Health

Academic Advisor, Master of Food Science (MFS) Program


FNH 217, 2205 East Mall

Master of Food Science (MFS) Program

  • FNH 200: Exploring Our Food
  • In this course, students are introduced to key concepts related to the science of food, including: the Canadian food system, chemical and physical properties of foods; issues pertaining to safety; government regulations; food additives; food preservation techniques and transformation of agricultural commodities into food products.
  • FNH 302: Food Analysis
  • Principles of and procedures for analysis of the chemical, physical and sensory properties of food; proximate analysis; introduction to instrumental analysis; introduction to anatomy and physiology of sensory perception, reporting and analysis of data.
  • FOOD 524: Advances in Food Process Science