David Kitts

David Kitts

Associate Dean, Research

Professor, Food Science



FNH 243, 2205 East Mall

University of California, Davis, 1983, PostDoc, Animal Physiology

University of British Columbia, 1981, Ph.D, Animal Physiology

University of British Columbia, 1976, M.Sc, Animal Physiology

University of British Columbia, 1974, B.Sc, Animal Science

My research discipline is Food Chemistry and Toxicology. I employ many aspects of food chemistry principles to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms of both nutrient and food toxicant action in living organisms. Recently, my laboratory has focused on characterizing the mechanisms of antioxidant and prooxidant activity for many naturally occurring animal and plant constituents, in addition to derived products from food processing. Moreover, we have focused also on the interaction between food constituents and transition metals in modulating generation of free radical and peroxidation reactions that can alter stability of lipids in both food materials as well as biological membranes.

Research Projects

Antioxidant and metal sequestering activity of Maillard Reaction products

Funded by NSERC

Bioactivity components in mother’s milk

Funded by AFMnet

Functional and health properties of cranberry

Funded by UBC Trust

Chemical methods of stabilizing oils using phytochemicals

Funded by IRAP and Industry partners

Mixed tocopherol preparations and presence of phytonutrients will influence vitamin E bioavailability and antioxidant function in intestinal cell lines

Funded by FNH-VCL

Stress related induction of resveratrol in grapes and mechanism of action

Funded by NCE-Agr.Canada

Food Chemistry (FNH 301) undergraduate course.

Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals (FNH 402) undergraduate course

Food Science Capstone (FNH 425)-undergraduate course

Food Science Undergraduate Thesis (FNH 499)

Food Toxicology and Risk Assessment (Food 525) graduate course

See Google Scholar for a full list of publications.

Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

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