Zhaoming Xu

Zhaoming Xu

Associate Professor, Food, Nutrition and Health
Associate Dean, Students

Associate Professor, Food, Nutrition and Health

Associate Dean, Students



FNH 231, 2205 East Mall

Human Nutrition Group

University of Guelph, PhD

University of Guelph, MSc

Nutrition plays a pivotal role in health promotion and disease prevention. However, there is a lack of in-depth understanding of how nutrients exert their function. This hinders the effectiveness of using nutrition as a means for health promotion and disease prevention. Nutrients do not act alone, but in a concerted effort with genes. The interactions between nutrients and genes influence the expression of genes, production of proteins, and ultimately metabolism. My overall research interest is to understand how nutrients act at the cellular and molecular levels with an emphasis on nutrient-gene interactions and their subsequent impact on metabolic functions. My current research focuses are:

  • Zinc, growth, and growth regulation
  • Regulatory role of zinc in apoptosis
  • Zinc and breast cancer

Micronutrients & Implications for Health

Nutrient Metabolism

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