Flavour of The Month: Pecan Pie

Flavour of The Month: Pecan Pie

Sahil Sahibole, Bachelor of Applied Science, 2020

We asked Sahil, Support Analyst in the Learning Centre at LFS, for his autumn flavour of the month. “Autumn is the best time for a slice of Pecan Pie! I love the sweet treat on a cold November day with a side of hot tea. The earthy, nutty flavors of roasted pecans perfectly complement the sweetness of the pie and the crunch of the pie shell. I consider it my soul food on a gloomy, rainy day, and as a plus, it keeps me warm! My favorite places to buy this near campus are Aphrodite’s Café or True Confections Bakery”.

How has your experience as a UBC alum influenced your work and perspective within LFS?

I started working at LFS as a work-learn student which allowed me to bring student perspectives into my job. This is the philosophy that I have continued to engage with as a staff member. Through my work, I aim to focus on improving student engagement in their courses, supporting student welfare through equitable tech solutions and assisting instructors with tech solutions for their innovative pedagogies.

Pecan Pie

What activities, programs, and extracurricular activities were you involved in as a UBC student?

As a student, I took part in the Co-Operative Work Placement Programs and Work-Learn Programs. I was also involved with Entrepreneurship for 4 years as a student and took part in numerous Entrepreneurship@UBC events. I was a member Engineers Without Borders as a part of their Advocacy and Sustainability ventures for a year. Besides these, I was an avid participant of Rec Leagues at UBC and played in Futsal leagues throughout my time as a student. I also checked off Storm the Wall and Day of the Longboat from my UBC checklist as a part of the Materials Engineering Team.

How long have you worked in LFS and what is your role?

As a staff member I have worked at LFS for 3 years. I initially joined the faculty as a co-op and subsequently a work-learn student in 2017. After graduating in 2020, I worked as a Studio and Production Coordinator, assisting the departments of MFRE and LFS Learning Centre with running their teaching and learning studios during the pandemic, and helping LFS instructors with hybrid/multiaccess teaching tech after the pandemic. Since 2022, I have been working as a Support Analyst with the LFS Learning Centre, assisting instructors and staff with hardware and software issues, classroom teaching support, media projects, and data visualisation projects.

What is the highlight of working in LFS?

The food! Every LFS event always has delicious food that is diverse and brings cultures together. From Persian and Balkan spreads to Salmon & Bannock, we have had food from various cultures represented at LFS. Having Agora at MacMillan is also a great asset when you want to have a quick bite!

As someone who has graduated from UBC and is currently employed by the university, do you have any items you’d like to add to your UBC bucket list?

I haven’t participated in the LFS Sun Run teams yet but plan to do so. As an alumnus, I also wanted to give back to students through mentorship programs. I have signed up for my first year this month!