Jennifer Black

Jennifer Black

Associate Professor, Food, Nutrition and Health


FNH 242, 2205 East Mall

Personal Website

New York University, PhD

Columbia University, MSc

Registered Dietician, R.D.

University of Toronto, BSc (Hon.)

My research focuses broadly on the social determinants of health and dietary choices. I am interested in how attitudes and behaviours related to eating, cooking, food selection, body image and body weight status are shaped by socio-cultural and neighbourhood-level factors. My research is shaped by my background as a registered dietitian and fuses methods and theory from nutrition education, public health, sociology and geography.


Some of my recent and forthcoming research projects include:

  • Working with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society to examine the impact of a community food hub program on food bank members’ nutritional status and experiences of food insecurity
  • Examining the connections between the food environment inside and surrounding Vancouver schools with students’ dietary practices, knowledge, skills and self-efficacy related to food, nutrition and food policy.
  • Assessing the relations between neighbourhood-level socioeconomic status, demographic factors, land use and access to food in British Columbia.
  • Examining trends and the social determinants of dietary choices, obesity and body image using national health surveys such as the Canadian Community Health Survey version 2.2.
  • Mapping food access and opportunities and barriers to physical activity in New York City.

For a full list of publications, see Google Scholar.

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