Richard Barichello

Richard Barichello

Professor, Food and Resource Economics

Graduate Advisor, Agricultural Economics



MacMillan 339, 2357 Main Mall


University of Chicago, 1979, PhD

University of Chicago, 1972, MA Economics

The University of British Columbia, 1969, BA Agricultural Economics

  • Capitalization of Government program benefits
  • Analysis of quota systems and quota markets
  • Analyzing the effects of selected agricultural policy instruments
  • Trade, Industrial and Agricultural Policy Reform in South East Asian countries
  • Economics of raw material export bans

Dr. Barichello teaches at the undergraduate level and at the graduate level in the Master of Food and Resource Economics (MFRE) program.

Introduction to Global Food Markets. An overview of global food markets including recent trends (e.g., vertical coordination, strategic alliances, multinationals and small firms in niche markets), marketing and trade institutions such as state-trading enterprises and WTO regulations, issues specific to developing nations, and case studies. [3-0-1]

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William A. Kerr, Laura J. Loppacher, Richard R. Barichello, “Disease Management, Economic Incentives and Trade: Subnational exports in the WTO,” Outlook on AGRICULTURE”, Vol 38, No 3, 2009: 259-266.

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Editorial Board, Agricultural Economics

Advisor, Prime Minister’s Consultative Group and Minister of Agriculture, Government of Vietnam, 1995-97

Co-Presenter, Stanford University Program in “Agricultural Policy Tools and Applications”, for Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, 1994-97

Visiting Scholar, Harvard Institute for International Development, 1994/95

Head, Department of Agricultural Economics, 1988-1994

Senior Resident Advisor, Harvard Institute for International Development, Customs and Economic Management Project, Department of Finance, Jakarta, Indonesia, 1986-1988